Ic cwiðee

Ic cwiðee. I speak.

So have many, many others, in my time of absence.
Many things have occurred,
upon which many words have been lavished.

The ancient streets of England’s capital city have echoed, as so many times in the past, with the heavy feet of anger and the raised voices of the marginalised and the wicked alike.

England and its fellow Home Nations have been embarrassed abroad by the pathetic inadequacy of our Armed Forces; the logical conclusion of a generation of planned decline by arrogant leaders, ignorant of history and its warnings for the future.

The shrill voices of the minority, the self-righteousness of the few, has helped to make us more suspicious of one another and divided us still further along tribal lines that political leaders struggle to comprehend and certainly cannot control.

The politically illiterate, the greedy and the vain seem determined to foist upon us a system that is unfair, inherently unequal, dangerously open to corruption, unrepresentative and directly detrimental to freedom in our nation.

And the cultural Marxists are as determined as ever to destroy our sense of ourselves as English people. It is a deliberate, blatant, vicious and aggressive campaign that they themselves have imagined, enforced and almost completed.

But that is for another day.

Today, I shall focus on something a little more optimistic.



About Byrnsweord

I am an Englishman. Constantly striving for the truth and to conserve what is good about England. You can find my on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/people/byrnsweord/ my blog over at byrnsweord.wordpress.com/ and my Twitter account at twitter.com/byrnsweord Byrnsweord is min nama.
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